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The 10 Best Water Fountains For Every Design Style

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the water fountain calms gives a sense of peace and attracts money to the house.

Having a water fountain in your home garden or landscape eases stress and calms your eyes and mind in the long, humid days of Dubai. 

Fountains surprise with their variety; you can always find a model to your taste that matches the style of your home or garden.

There are many devices on sale – from solar-powered mini-fountains to massive structures that decorate the pond and fit perfectly into the site’s landscape design.

In private properties, you can find fountains in the form of lilies or sunflowers, water mills, or cascades with angels.

Here we have listed some exotic water fountain designs that will help you choose stylish decorations for your home.

Two-tiered white lotus water fountain

The first place is occupied by a two-tiered decorative fountain made of noble, environmentally friendly porcelain.

Its design immediately attracts attention with its elegance and beauty of execution.

A special glaze, applied by hand, ensures the preservation of a consumer look for the entire service life. 

The composition itself does not raise questions about its purpose, as it reflects the essence of the idea as much as possible – this is an aesthetic enjoyment of the view of a luxurious artistic creation.

The fountain has a loud noise level, which enhances the effect of auditory perception and provides increased attention to the fountain, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. 

Water is supplied from the upper tier and flows in powerful streams into the lower bowl, creating a pleasant uniform noise.

The design has a function for adjusting the flow rate, allowing you to control water flow more carefully.

Mountain pine water fountain

It is a decorative fountain great for the home garden of UAE residents.

The composition is made of natural porcelain and has an attractive appearance.

Pine, growing on a rocky hill next to a mountain waterfall, radiates energy and creates a complete feeling of being in nature.

All surfaces are finished with a vitreous glaze that will not shade or leak, ensuring the fountain’s long service life. 

The design of the decorative fountain can be easily disassembled for cleaning and does not require much effort to maintain.

A built-in switch controls the water flow rate.

Fountain Viareggio

This is a versatile water fountain that can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

It is made from artificial stone, so it is highly resistant to aggressive environmental influences.

The composition is created in the form of a grey block with thresholds and a niche for flowers. 

The fountain is well stylized. Its shade of grey creates the effect of being in the wild.

A flower niche beside a waterfall emphasizes and enhances the feeling of being next to a mountain river.

The construction looks solid, monolithic, and natural, thanks to good design, colour matching, and artistry.

It does not reflect the impression of a plastic imitation and harmoniously fits into the landscape design.

Zen light garden fountain

This fountain for the garden has a rustic stone design that evokes nature and transports you to a relaxing atmosphere.

It is made of resistant resin material. In addition, the fountain incorporates multicoloured LED lights.

This garden fountain has an integrated high-power motor with two interchangeable speeds that work silently, providing extra relaxation and quality performance

Buddha garden water fountain

Buddha garden water fountain

Fill your garden with originality, style, and relaxation with this Buddha garden water fountain, ideal for achieving a Zen and harmonious decoration outside the home.

In addition, the Buddha statue can be removed or placed depending on taste and even used separately as another decorative element.

It has an integrated silent pump, allowing you to enjoy the water flow without annoying noise.

The water flow can be adjusted through a slider located at the front of the pump.

LED lighting is designed with color variation, providing a different style and creating a unique nighttime experience.

AISITIN garden fountain

AISITIN garden fountain

It is an ecological and sustainable option to decorate the garden since this pond-shaped fountain works from solar energy thanks to some panels included in the package, saving energy and taking care of the environment.


It is recommended to periodically clean the fountain’s pump to prevent it from clogging with dust every two or three weeks, depending on how clean the water is.


The water of this garden fountain can rise to approximately 65-80 centimetres, and its jet can vary in shape or pressure in up to six different modes since the package includes six different and interchangeable nozzles.

Tree trunk water fountain with LED

A tree trunk water fountain with LED lights is perfect for your outdoor decor.

The realistic tree trunk wooden tower brings a touch of natural beauty to your home garden.

The truck is made from resin, stone dust, and fiberglass construction, so it is rust and weather resistant to keep your outdoor fountain looking new over time. 

It contains an internal pump that keeps the water flowing.

Water trickles from each tier to mimic the sounds of a natural waterfall, adding a tranquil ambience to your outdoor setting.

TekHome Solar Garden Fountain

TekHome Solar Garden Fountain

It is an accessory that is placed inside a fountain, a basin, or a container with water.

Once inside submerged under water, it triggers a continuous jet.

The effect is very realistic; it gives life to a fountain that is no longer in operation.

The garden fountain is equipped with different nozzles, which allows you to choose the shape of the water.

The nozzles are easy to change. To start using the fountain, remove the film, attach the nozzle, and put it in the water. 

The major plus point is that it doesn’t need to be set up and just runs on solar power, so it can be placed anywhere and moved around the garden as you wish.

Modern LED Vertical Garden Fountain

Modern LED Vertical Garden Fountain

This garden fountain is delicately lit continuously by small LEDs at the level of the water collection tray.

You can relax while hearing the sound of the water which streams on the wall of the fountain.

The fountain is made of galvanized metal with a natural stone finish.

This natural stone look is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

The galvanized metal is weather resistant, so the fountain perfectly suits an outdoor environment.

The LED lighting on the fountain provides a reflection in the water and, therefore, a pleasant atmosphere.

The natural stone garden fountain comes with a water pump.

This pump is very powerful as it offers a flow rate of up to 600 litres per hour.

Birdbath garden fountain

Birdbath garden fountain

This inexpensive outdoor waterfall will seduce you with its bath oyster shape, two decorative birds, and its bronze effect appearance.

It can become the decorative element of your garden made from quality material that is weather and shock-resistant.

In addition, this fountain is very easy to assemble.


A decorative fountain located in a house or on a plot creates a favourable atmosphere and becomes a place of attraction.

It can have a positive impact on the psychological and physical well-being of a person.

In the room, the humidity level is normalized, which positively affects the skin’s condition.

The prolongation of youth and beauty in our time is a very urgent task.

In combination with the normalization of the emotional background of a person, it generally becomes a necessity.

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