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Aswat Almadinah Landscaping work LLC has been providing services for residential landscape as well as commercial landscape in dubai.

Landscape Design, Maintenance and Installation are core service provided by us.

The contact between man and nature has always been an important factor for the quality of human life however, due to the uncontrolled growth of urban areas, this relationship has decreased a lot in recent times.

 However, there is a way to rescue this contact through landscaping. 

Among the various aspects of housing, what can further enhance the beauty of a house is its green area.

A residence can be comfortable, functional, well planned, and even well decorated, but vegetation, through landscaping, can transform the cozy environment into a home.

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    Benefits of residential landscaping

    It is not just a matter of aesthetics: plants bring numerous benefits, such as quality of life, well-being, and health, since, in an environment where there is a green area, the air that circulates is purer and more humid.

    Not to mention the benefits of chromotherapy — the colors used in landscaping alone already bring several beneficial, calming, and energizing effects.

    In addition, there are drier areas in Dubai for which landscaping is even more recommended.

    The ideal is to keep a good green area inside the residence in order to meet the need to humidify the air, making breathing easier on the driest days. 

    The house that includes a well-organized green area increases the value of the property.

    There are landscape projects that even include exotic trees and plants in their structure. 

    You can select us for this purpose as we guarantee extensive experience in the sector and can improve the issue of scarce humidity in the place, contribute to the well-being of allergic people, provide more concentration to those who need it and a healthier diet, in addition to increasing the value of the property.

    Why are we different from others?

    There are many highly competent professionals in Dubai who can help you with residential landscaping.

    But what makes us different is we care about you and your family and believe in a sustainable environment.

    Our company provides a homogeneous and balanced aesthetic without opening from other components of the landscape, such as vegetation, movement of people, dimension of accessible areas, and the built area itself.

    Even if it involves the use of furniture, such as a stainless-steel table, we try it to be minimally invasive to nature, taking advantage of all its vegetal beauty to help compose the urban spaces around it.

    We carry out an environmental study to aesthetically value the area without giving up its practical functions.

    Hence, we manage to harmonize the elements of the composition without damaging nature and guaranteeing its presence.

    We also care for you, your family, and your taste.

    That’s why our teams can assist you in finding the perfect design that suits you, capture your fondness, and express your taste through green space.

    Our experts are trained in horticulture, gardening, landscape, and design.

    We can help you create an outdoor space that suits your liking so that your lawn and garden are an extension of your personality and your home.

    What do we do?

    Build a garden to your liking

    You want a contemporary garden or zen, or you are more of a European liking, we are here for you.

    We specialize in the contemporary landscape, zen style landscape, luxurious landscape, Chinese, Roman, English Classic, or spacious.

    You name it, and we will erect it for you.

    In addition to ensuring greater proximity to nature, they are beautiful and elegant.

    They can be applied even when there are some restrictions on the ground, which may be covered by some vegetation.

    Outdoor furniture

    When it comes to landscaping and outdoor use, furniture is a must.

    It is the furniture that will provide socialization, recreation, and moments of rest in gardens.

    For this project to be complete, people need to have a place to sit and shelter from the changing weather such as sun and rain.

    There is furniture suitable for this and some structures such as fountains and gazebos.

    We have a high-standard landscaping design that includes benches made of iron, wood, and synthetic materials that are weather resistant.

    Various textures

    The use of textures combines foliage, furniture, fabrics, and larger structures to ensure beautiful and inviting spaces.

    Each component creates a different structure, as in the case of stone walls, wooden fences, trusses, etc.

    There are also several options for the soil, such as sand gardens, gravel, and rolled stones of different colours and sizes.

    It can also be covered with tree bark and fibres, always diversifying colours and textures.

    The texture must also be considered in the application of the furniture since a wooden bench can provide a different visual effect than that of synthetic fibre, for example.

    Paths and trails

    To increase contact with nature, paths and trails are created.

    For this, the best way to create a path for people to walk through the gardens is evaluated without obstacles or harming the aesthetics of the space.

    The paths can be made of stones, gravel, flagstone, or simply open so that the neighbors do not step on the vegetation.

    Residential landscaping done in this way ensures maximum contact with nature while conserving it.