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In a short time, we will transform the landscape design of your site with a stylish pergola where you can gather a noisy and cheerful company, as well as a reliable canopy that will protect you from the weather.

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    Benefits of ordering a pergola service from us

    When a client works with our company, he does not need to look for tilers in one place, landscapers in another, automatic watering in the third, a canopy in the fourth, a gazebo or pergola in the fifth, a pool in the sixth, and a pond in the seventh.

    We do everything ourselves. Moreover, when the client orders the implementation of the project in full, we provide a significant discount on the volume.

    Our company provides an entire range of services for the construction of pergolas.

    Our experts will help to create a cosy and beautiful pergola in the courtyard of the house, which will fit perfectly into the landscape design.

    If you order the implementation of the project in full, you will receive a significant discount on the volume.

    Our craftsmen have the expertise and many years of experience in manufacturing any type of pergolas.

    All our materials are environmentally friendly and have certificates of compliance with accepted standards the project is carefully selected, with verified dimensions, and created from scratch.

    In this way, you are confirmed to get a unique relaxation corner where you can spend unforgettable moments! 

    For all questions, please contact us by phone or leave a request on the site.

    The manager will promptly conduct a detailed consultation

    Types of Pergolas that we provide for your home and garden

    Wooden pergola contractor in dubai

    Wooden Pergola

    A classic pergola is made of wood. They are distinguished by their attractive appearance, durability, and good performance, which is why the owners choose wood for arranging the adjacent area.

    Wood is an ecologically friendly natural material that can give any building a unique charm, sophistication, and elegance, as well as create a cosy atmosphere.

    The only drawback of wood is its low resistance to adverse external factors (the effect of precipitation and temperature changes).

    However, we treat wood with special compounds during construction to protect the material from rotting, fire, and decomposition.

    Aluminium Pergola

    Aluminium pergolas are stronger and more durable than their wooden counterparts.

    The structures have become an excellent replacement for traditional verandas and terraces.

    If necessary, they can be quickly dismantled and removed, for example, for the winter period.

    Durable aluminium construction withstands wind gusts up to 117 km/h and is installed on any type of surface: asphalt, concrete, earth.


    Commercial pergola

    We provide pergola for commercial purposes in public parks, restaurants, cafes, outdoor functions, etc.

    You can determine the material, type, size, design, and portability based on your need.

    Cantilever pergola

    The purpose of the cantilevered pergola is to provide shade in an open space.

    In some cases, they have only a decorative use to form a corridor or separate different environments.

    You can choose any material you want to make this pergola in your home or office.

    Cantilever Pergola in dubai

    Metal glass pergola

    Metal and glass structures are used to construct the pergola, but the main problem of which is rust.

    To prevent this problem, we paint each metal beam and pay particular attention to the buried part providing the base with waterproofing.

    The metal arch can resist high temperatures and mechanical loads

    Plastic pergola

    Plastic pergolas are very convenient because they are assembled by hand and in a short time.

    A decorative pattern is pre-applied to the profile. Modern technologies make it possible to produce plastic of various colours or textures.

    This design is very durable because the plastic is immune to moisture, temperature, and microorganisms.

    It does not need special care. The only drawback is some fragility.

    In case of awkward assembly or accidental mechanical damage, the pergola may break, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to repair it yourself.

    It will be easier to purchase a damaged module and replace it.


    Customized design

    If you don’t want any of the pergolas mentioned above, we can customize it for you.

    Pergolas made of brick and natural stone are considered the most reliable and durable.

    Laying out a stone arch or ceiling without special scaffolding and skills will not work.

    Therefore, it is better to hire a qualified bricklayer for such work because the durability of the structure directly depends on the quality of the masonry.

    Our masonry team is skilled, experienced, and has expertise in its field.

    Let us know your dream and design, and we will create it for you.

    You can also choose between covered and uncovered pergolas.

    Those who want extra protection for the area where the pergola was positioned can choose to install a cover on the structure. There are different options for covering the pergola, such as plants, bamboo, straw, canvas, glass, or polycarbonate, and each one is suitable for a specific type of need. Those looking for resistance can opt for tempered glass or polycarbonate. For those seeking a more rustic and natural look, they can stick with plants, bamboo, or straw.

    The pergola without a cover works more as a decorative element for the garden, creating an area where you can install some furniture that is resistant to the action of time, for example. This type of pergola is mainly used by those who do not need an area protected from the rain but want to install a structure capable of bringing some shade and comfort to the external spaces of the property. The pergola without cover can be made with the most diverse materials, from wood, one of the most common options, to aluminium, masonry, and steel. 


    After you decide which pergola you want, the only thing left is to call our specialists who will assist you choose the most suitable pergola project for your garden and give full information about it. You can also choose a pergola project yourself according to the photo on the page of our projects.