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Irrigation is a procedure that aims to meet the water needs of a planted area due to low water availability or poor distribution of rainfall.

The main types of irrigation currently used are superficial, localized, and sprinkler.

To ensure a healthy garden, it is necessary to make use of irrigation.

As we know Irrigation is important for garden maintenance either for your villa or commercial sector in dubai.

Used not only in agriculture but also in nurseries and, especially in landscape projects, irrigation aims to provide enough water for plants, ensuring the survival and beauty of the garden.

There are many doubts about how and when to irrigate your plants or how to manage irrigation; the absence of this knowledge leaves the plants fragile or lifeless due to excess or lack of water.

An alternative to solve this problem is the use of automated irrigation; this is a technique that has the main advantages of scheduling the time, frequency, and duration of irrigation.

All this precision helps to get the amount of water offered to the plants right, essential for their sound development.

In other words, automated irrigation is the use of technology to provide water in the right amount, preventing plants from being hostage to rainwater or depending on human care.

Aswat Almadinah Landscape Works LLC ensures your garden receives the right amount of water all year round without you having to worry about it unnecessarily.

    Irrigation Services We Do

    We offer you a drip irrigation system automated as your preference and a mini sprinkler system; both methods maintain an optimal level of soil moisture and apply fertilizers to the soil in fixed doses.

    This results in higher nutrient uptake by the plants as well as lower leaching compared to conventional application and irrigation methods. This system of irrigation allows you to feed the plants with a balanced amount of phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and other elements, considering the phases of their growth.

    The drip irrigation method of plants makes it possible to simultaneously carry out tillage, pollination, and harvesting due to the dryness of the areas between the rows.

    Automatic drip irrigation is used for the irrigation of fields, gardens, vegetable crops, greenhouses, and other plantings.

    What will we do?

    Installing an automatic watering system will allow you to easily create a dream garden and keep the plants looking healthy for a long time!

    1. Sale of professional equipment for automatic watering 
    2. Development of projects for automatic irrigation systems and semi-automatic irrigation
    3. Installation of automatic watering systems
    4. Improvement of automatic irrigation systems of various production
    5. Independent examination of functioning systems of automatic watering of various production with the aim of their subsequent improvement
    6. Winter conservation and spring launch of automatic irrigation systems
    7. Training in the design, installation, and maintenance of automatic irrigation systems for individuals and organizations

    Installation supervision of automatic irrigation systems (we will help you understand the design documentation, demonstrate assembly examples, advise on issues of interest, check the installation is correct, and carry out start-up work together with you)

    Why choose us?

    1. We offer high-quality equipment at affordable prices. We offer a selection of equipment from the range of the world’s best manufacturers. The usage of our equipment allows you to obtain high-quality plants all year round.
    2. We have many years of experience in implementing successful projects in Dubai and UAE.
    3. We provide service in our own service and logistics centre. We not only sell equipment for drip or sprinkler irrigation but also provide a complete service for all types of irrigation systems, starting from the collection of pre-project information, design, and equipment, ending with the supply of equipment and its installation, training of maintenance personnel for the correct operation of the equipment.
    4. We organize the optimal water consumption for irrigation.
    5. We provide services from project development to warranty service of the installed automatic irrigation system.
    6. We carry out a thorough independent check of the irrigation equipment operating on your site, followed by the issuance of recommendations for optimizing its operation.
    7. We are ready to build a schedule of work that is convenient for you.
    8. We are always nearby, and we promptly respond to customer requests. Our company provides warranty service for equipment during the entire season of any irrigation systems.
    9. Our company is a leading landscaping company in Dubai and London. We value our reputation and carry out comprehensive quality control at all stages – from production to after-sales service. 

    You can order the irrigation system of your choice from our website https://aamlandscape.com/our-services/irrigation/, or you can call us at +971-506976178 to get professional advice. You can also personally visit our offices in Dubai at Dubai Office 204, Souk Al Kabeer, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE.