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Are you looking for Gazebo Builder in dubai?

If yes then we design for small as well as big Garden. Also suggest ideas for backyard or frontyard gazebo focusing suitable area.

There are simple and as per your requirement modern gazebo design can be implemented.

Many owners are not always satisfied with ready-made solutions for gazebo designs that are offered on the market.

In most cases, these are typical buildings that stand in most areas.

And what if you want individuality and a gazebo that no one else has.

With its appearance and convenience, a gazebo satisfies all the needs of the owners so that it harmoniously fits into the environment and does not stand out from the general concept of the site.

We stand out with our expertise in developing an individual gazebo project in such cases.

When developing an individual project, we consider the conditions of a particular site, location features, as well as the wishes of all family members.

As a basis, you can take a ready-made project we have completed, in which you will need to make the necessary changes and improvements.

Or if you found on the Internet a picture with a gazebo that you really liked, then in our company you can order a project even from a photograph.

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    How do we work?

    1. The specialist advises you on the characteristic features of the construction of gazebos at our exhibition stand, where all types of hearths are presented, as well as finishing materials and accessories.
    2. The finished version of the design project is prepared in accordance with the received terms of reference and all approved stages during the design. Sent to the customer’s e-mail (within 10 to 30 working days).
    3. Discussion of organizational issues: accommodation, availability of technical water, electricity, scheduled hours and days of noisy work, contacts of responsible persons, as well as signing the contract.
    4. Conclusion of the Agreement, the arrival of the team at the facility, performance of work according to the project, delivery of the facility with the signing of closing documents, and provision of a guarantee for the work performed.

    Composition of gazebo

    1. Approval of the plan – bindings with the arrangement of furniture (overall dimensions of the gazebo complex)
    2. After agreeing on a suitable plan, a visualization/sketch is carried out to approve the general forms, architectural elements of decor, and the overall concept.
    3. Visualization of all objects, considering lighting in colour with the selection of facing materials, accessories, and fittings.
    4. Development of drawings with cuts and sections for constructive solutions for a gazebo complex
    5. Project design according to the company’s brand book with a visual selection of all materials and accessories used in the project.
    6. After the full scope of design work is completed, the total cost for the construction of a gazebo is calculated.

    Types of gazebos we provide

    Gazebos are divided into two types:

    Open - simple and light buildings

    Open ones are erected for recreation in the summer; they come with and without a roof. They are designed in open-type buildings. Everything for a pleasant summer holiday.

    Closed - almost full-fledged houses

    It is important to remember that this building is part of your home. If a residential building is built of wood, and you want a high-tech gazebo with an abundance of metal, then it will not fit into the overall style. Keep harmony so that everything on your site is part of one picture.

    Also, attention is paid to the foundation of the structure. It must be sufficiently stable and even, especially for a structure with a barbecue – this complies with safety standards.

    Popular building materials:

    1. tree
    2. stone, brick
    3. metal
    4. polycarbonate

    More often, they are made of wood with a combination of other materials: wood-stone, wood-metal, and others. Remember that wood is a natural building material, environmentally friendly, and safe for people and the environment.

    The most common types of structures:

    1. Rotunda – an open structure with a domed (sometimes conical) roof
    2. Pavilion – a closed rectangular building
    3. Veranda – usually, the structure is attached to the house, but there is also a location separate from the residential building
    4. Combined – a gazebo with a dedicated place for barbecue 
    5. Pergola – a canopy with supports

    A wide selection will facilitate you to choose the building for yourself. Our company offers you to choose both a finished design and the creation of a unique gazebo project with an individual drawing.