Commercial & Residential Gardening Services in Dubai

Are you looking for Garden Maintenance service in Dubai?

If you dream of a beautiful garden that will delight you with amazing landscapes all year round, it will be challenging to do without the services of professionals.

Caring for ornamental and fruit plants requires a lot of effort and special knowledge.

At Aswat Almadinah Landscape Works LLC, you can order the services of an experienced gardener who will perform all work on the site quickly and efficiently.

We will provide your plants with the necessary care, help to cope with diseases, pests and improve the yield of fruit trees and shrubs.

Let’s take a closer look at all the lawn and garden maintenance services that you can order from our company.

However , garden maintenance like Garden Irrigation System, Trimming, Artificial / Natural Grass Maintenance, Garden Landscaping, Water Feature Works, Artificial Grass Installation and many more services are done by us.

Without a doubt, If you need best garden maintenance company then remember us.

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    We offer garden maintenance services :

    Garden care for all seasons

    Garden maintenance services near me

    It is necessary to involve specialists in garden maintenance from the first day of its laying.

    An experienced gardener will help you choose the right plants to create beautiful compositions.

    He will find suitable places for trees, shrubs, and flowers on the site, help them adapt to the new territory after transplantation, select fertilizers for feeding them and prepare pest control.

    Our gardeners will carry out all the seasonal work that your garden needs:

    Pruning fruit trees and shrubs

    Branch pruning is an effective agricultural practice.

    With its help, not only the correct shape of trees and bushes is formed, but also the growth of plants is activated.

    The gardener brings all the necessary tools with him.

    After the work is done, the cuts on the trees are treated with a special disinfectant solution.

    Garbage left after pruning is removed from the site.

    Lawn care

    In our company, you can order both the sowing of a new lawn and the restoration of the old grass cover.

    Our employees will also provide regular care of the grass stand:

    Plant care

    A professional gardener throughout the year will ensure the decorativeness of your garden, carefully caring for the plants and creating optimal conditions for them to bloom.

    You no longer have to worry about pest control.

    Our specialists will form flowerbeds, create beautiful alpine slides, and rose gardens, and trim trees and shrubs.

    Also, your perennials in the fall will be prepared appropriately for wintering.

    Hedge trimming

    We will help you create luxurious hedges that will decorate your garden and provide them with the right care.

    An experienced gardener will give the hedges of coniferous or deciduous plants the necessary shape with the help of a cut and maintain it throughout the year.

    Pest Control

    Insects and diseases can cause irreparable damage to your yard if you do not use the services of professionals in time.

    We will determine what the plant is infected with and select drugs for its treatment.

    To avoid plant diseases, we will help with:

    Fertilizer and plant nutrition

    Top dressing is necessary for trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns to improve their growth.

    Our specialists’ agronomists will select modern complexes of mineral and organic fertilizers for your garden and make the necessary top dressing for:

    Garden Maintenance for Winter

    Although Dubai rarely has any snowfall in the winter, the night temperatures can sometimes fall to 4 or 5 degrees Celsius.

    Some Dubai regions have occasionally experienced snowfall and relatively low temperatures. 

    Thus, for plants to survive the winter well, they must be healthy.

    Therefore, before the onset of winter, the following types of work are performed: