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Are you looking for best garden landscaping maintenance in Dubai?

If you are looking for back yard and front yard garden design or maintenance services in Dubai either its simple or advance then we, Aswat Almadinah Landscaping Work LLC is there for you.

We provide hard landscaping and also soft landscaping with lawn and garden maintenance.

Our Villa landscaping services is affordable and reliable in Dubai.

Also we provide you garden cleaning services with all kind of garden maintenance services either one time or contract.

Either Home or Commercial gardening, we Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction from our services.

A well-designed garden always attracts the admiring glances of guests and loved ones and pleases the owners with its freshness, riot of colours, and flowering.

Undoubtedly, it is very challenging to harmonize the garden with a residential building properly and the general landscape, so we recommend hiring a professional for the job.

The best company today is Aswat Almadinah Landscaping Works LLC, which specializes in landscaping.

For many years, we have been working in this field, and during this time, we have gained a leading position among numerous competitors. 

we suggest 9 Best Ways To Maintain Garden At Home Easily.

Hard Landscaping Services

Residential landscaping designer in dubai

Hard landscaping is an important design element of a garden plot. We add various pavements to your garden.

Paving slabs can not only favourably emphasize the landscape design of the site but also make individual sections more functional.

For example, you can create a zone for walking, playing, or separating a parking lot.

When choosing this material, few people think that it is important not only to select the external design of the material correctly but to carry out the correct installation.

Indeed, those who do not have special knowledge but want to see an ideal tile site on their site prefer to trust the laying of the material to professionals from the Aswat Almadinah Landscape Works LLC company.

Soft landscaping Services


This landscape design uses many forms of coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs, including fruit trees.

Planting plants is a very laborious process because each plant has its own requirements for illumination.

The mechanical and chemical composition of the soil, the water regime, and ongoing agrotechnical measures.

In our company, the planting of plants and shrubs is carried out in compliance with all norms and recommendations.

We can guarantee its good quality and high survival rate by selecting planting material in the best nurseries.

Garden Lighting Services

Professional Landscape Lighting adds beauty, character and safety to your home.

Path lights, accent lights and deck lights enhance the unique styling of your home, while offering the functionality and peace of mind of a well lit outdoor space or hardscape design

Garden Designs Services

Updating your home’s landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your property and create outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining.

Whether you want to focus on your front yard, backyard or entire piece of land, there are many.

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    How Garden Landscaping Companies In Dubai Work?

    Landscaping of the garden consists of several stages:

    Why choose Us For Lawn And Garden Services?

    If you want to carry out landscaping and gardening at a decent level, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Aswat Almadinah Landscape Works LLC company.

    We will be able to:

    High-quality landscaping

    Planting trees, shrubs, ornamental lawns, flower beds, and hedges, considering the wishes of the client and created by a competent project, will allow you to get a superbly equipped garden

    Relief modelling

    When landscaping the garden, you can equip terraces and create a rocky garden, an alpine hill, rockery, various artificial reservoirs, and decorative fountains.


    One cannot do without arranging beautiful paths when organizing a garden. Our experts will tell you about all kinds of options for laying different materials to give a complete look to your site.

    Creation of small architectural forms

    All kinds of gazebos and sculptures will decorate each garden; they will be ideally combined with the general stylistic direction of the garden.

    Finally, If you have any queries regarding the garden layout and landscape of your home, please contact us at +971 50 65 49 514 or write an email to info@aamlandscape.com.