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A well-maintained landscape offers many benefits. Primarily, a properly maintained green space adds color and vibrancy to any location.

Landscape maintenance companies can tend to your green space, thus increasing the value of your property.

It also brightens up the visual appeal of your home. Getting an expert company to ensconce seasonal color and evergreen plants can make your property look more refreshing and welcoming to visitors.

A professional landscaping can also help remove pests, diseases, and insects that may cause harm to the plant life in your garden.

It is important to detect and eliminate infestations early on, as these can rapidly spread and damage the ground-cover and leaves.

As one of the most trusted maintenance contractors in the dubai, we have a firm commitment to providing the best services for our clients.

To ensure that, we will carefully check your property for any signs of infestations and remove them right away.

Date Plant A plant that we’re all familiar with in the Middle East is the Date Palm, a species that’s over 50 million years old.

Interestingly, the dubai is responsible for 6% of the world’s date production.

You’ll need a fairly large garden as these trees can grow as tall as 23 meters, with leaves spanning four to six meters.

The plant loves hot climates and has difficulty bearing its sweet, edible fruit in more temperate regions, such as Europe.

Plant Supply & Installation

We supply you best plant and flower as your required and install with with pure care.

Maintenance of flower and plant

We offer annual contract with maintenance focusing the health of flower and plant. We will replace if  plant is damaged.

10 Of The Best Indoor Plants In The UAE For Your Office And Home

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Date palms require well-drained, deep sandy loam soils that can hold moisture in.

The soil needs to have a pH of 8 to 11 and be free from calcium carbonate.

How sweet and plump the date is depends on the glucose, fructose and sucrose content of the fruit.

While the Phoenix Dactylifera grows easily from seed, dates from seedling plants can be small and of low quality.

Only 50% off the seedlings will be the fruit-bearing female, while the males act as the pollinators only.

After planting, date palms can take four to eight years to bear fruit, but those grown from cuttings will bear dates two or three years earlier than their seedling-grown counterparts.

Bougainvillea A common garden plant for the UAE, Bougainvillea blooms with white flowers, with each cluster of three surrounded by bright bracts in colors such as pink, magenta, purple, red, orange, or yellow.

These are the colours associated with this vibrant plant, which makes it a lovely addition to the flower bed.

The thorny, vine-like plant can grow up to 12 meters, making it a good choice if you need a plant to cover bare garden walls and fences, whilst adding a splash of color.

During the dry summer they will become deciduous (in countries where there is regular rainfall all year they are evergreen).

That said, it’s a hardy hot-weather plant and it has a high tolerance for drought.

They tend to flower all year round in equatorial regions while elsewhere they bloom every four to six weeks.

Bougainvillea grow best in dry soil, positioned in direct, bright sunlight.

Although they need frequent fertilization they require little water once established and won’t cope well from being over-watered.

They can be easily propagated via tip cuttings.

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