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Best Plants To Grow In Your Garden In UAE Summers

Gone are those days when the hot summer days of the UAE equaled wilted plants.

With the right choice of plants in your garden, your flowering perennials in the bed won’t limp so quickly, even after a long period of drought.

In this article, we have listed some magnificent plants that are considered the sun children that ensure blossom happiness in summer slumps as they tolerate heat and drought.


Delphinium plant in dubai

The garden delphiniums are undoubtedly one of the best-suited plants for the UAE climate.

They grow upright and can be up to 120 or even 180 centimeters high, depending on their group. 

Its hand-shaped, fresh green, deeply incised leaves are typical. The tall, often branched flower panicles appear on strong, hollow stalks from June to September and bear light to dark blue, white, or violet flowers, depending on the variety. 


It loves a sunny face and shady feet.

A full sun garden bed with low under planting is therefore ideal for Delphinium.

It also loves a cool, humid climate. The soil should be sandy-loamy, rich in humus and nutrients, and the substrate slightly moist.


Heliopsis is a simple or double flower of yellow shades that will retain its cheerful appearance until winter’s first cold.

In order for the plant to develop rich inflorescences between June and September, they need a full sun location.

The plants grow on moist to dry sandy substrates in their natural range. 


As garden plants, they need well-drained soil. The plants do not tolerate waterlogging.

To prevent premature wilting, the soil must not dry out completely.

The Heliopsis species benefit from slightly humus-rich, preferably sandy-loamy soil.


Marigold needs no introduction; the plant grows as annuals, although there are perennial species.

They are definitely worth settling on the site if not for beauty, then for the sake of unique, useful properties.

It is beneficial to plant them in a sunny place; partial shade is acceptable.

It almost did not bloom in the shade, although the greens grew more than in the sun.

Marigolds can grow in shade and partial shade but will blossom more luxuriantly in the sunniest spots.

The primary thing is that the soil should not be too wet and plant should not be placed in dark place.

Before germination, a temperature of 22-25 °C is desirable.

The marigolds will take root in any soil and will bloom profusely even without fertilizers.

African violet plant

Residents of the UAE should pay attention to the graceful violet, also known as the African violet plant.

This perennial plant up to 20 cm tall will bloom from spring to the first winter cold with delicate yellow, purple or dark amethyst flowers.

The plant prefers well-drained nutrient soils in full sun or partial shade.

Most suitable for growing in rock gardens, rockeries, and mixed borders.

Pink Carnation plant

Pink Carnation plant in dubai

Carnations, which many people associate only with July flowers, have prepared many pleasant surprises for real fans of classical beauty.

Lush inflorescences of carnations, unique ruffles along the edge, and a delicious aroma are just a bonus.

After all, among the many types of beauties, there are perennials that can bloom literally during the entire hot season.

The flowers bloom one at a time, reaching a diameter of 1.5 cm.

The light pink color emphasizes the tenderness of the finely serrated frills along the edge of the petals, and the reverse light green side of the flowers adds a natural charm to the whole plant.


Hydrangea plant in dubai

Hydrangea has many varieties adapted to certain climatic conditions, so everyone can find the species that best suits the site. 

All hydrangeas grow well in partial shade, so they can be used as accents in any garden on the lawn for group and single plantings.

The main requirement of these shrubs is moist, crumbly, nutritious soil with a weak acid reaction.

If the soil in the area is neutral or alkaline, the soil under the hydrangeas should be periodically acidified using alum, citric, acetic, or oxalic acid.

The plant needs regular abundant watering, special fertilizers, and weeding


Barberry has bright bushes that look great in curb plantings.

They are planted in group compositions and used to create an elegant accent in a rock garden or on an alpine hill.

The height of varietal barberries usually does not exceed a meter, but the diameter can be twice as large.

Barberry begins to bloom in spring or early summer with yellow flowers and, after withering, forming small red berries.

Plants are planted in sunny areas and partial shade.

Summer drought does not affect the appearance of barberry provided regular but infrequent watering.

Muscari flower or Grape hyacinth

Muscari flower plant in dubai

Such lovely spring flowers were to the taste of many summer residents.

They have an unusual appearance.

Different species may differ in terms of flowering. The earliest bloom is in March. 

This plant does not require special care, and it can reproduce itself.

This fact must be considered when planting because moving such a flower to another place will be extremely difficult.

It is recommended to plant the bulbs with a pot.


Because it has a wide variety of cultivation, this species can have different sizes, reaching from fifteen centimeters to one meter.

It also comes in many colors and shapes and is often planted in groups in the garden, pots, or planters to create a colorful look.

They are great for growing in hot and dry weather, not tolerating the low temperatures of winter, as well as excess humidity.

Exposure to sunlight should be constant, as the zinnia needs to spend at least four hours in the sun to develop well.

The soil must be fertile, rich in organic matter, well-drained, and light.


Coleus is a tropical species that has a variety of colors. This is one of the best options for flowers to plant in the summer in the UAE.

Because it is tropical, you will have a plant that manages to adapt very well to the hot climate with high temperatures. 

It will grow beautifully if placed in fertile and consistently very moist soil, making your garden even more beautiful during the summer.

After two years or so, you need to do the Coleus foliage renewal pruning.

During this restart, you should take even better care of your plant.

Leave the seedlings in a less sunny place so that the first leaves start to appear.

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