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Best Gardening Ideas For Small Backyards

Even if you have a small backyard in your Dubai residence, it can be made convenient, beautiful, and safe at the same time with innovative backyard ideas and designs, including the right elements in the right place.

Such creation is an integral step on the way to decorating and organizing not only a beautiful but also a functional area.

We will devote today’s article to some of the landscape designs of the small backyard of the Dubai house that you can create with your own hands or with the aid of experts

Elongated structure for visual expansion of the backyard

In a small backyard, it isn’t easy to make a large yard, but you can deceive the perception and expand it visually.

A tiny pond will grab attention and distract from the surrounding background.

The illusion of an increase in the territory will be stronger if the reservoir is made elongated.

It is best to place it along the longest line. A similar effect of expanding space is felt in a landscape with a fountain installed on a hill.

If the allotment has an elongated shape, a small strip of land remains between the facade of the building and the fence for the house garden.

It is most practical to take this area with paving, leaving narrow strips of land around the perimeter along the fence for flower beds.

Create an outdoor recreation area

An obligatory element that is necessary for the design of the small backyard is an outdoor recreation area, which may include a table with chairs or benches, sofas, deck chairs, armchairs, hammocks, in a word, everything that will allow you to communicate and enjoy the fresh air in the warm season for the whole family. 

Such a place can be located both in the depths of the backyard and close to a residential building, so you do not have to go far with food and utensils.

You can also divide the area into levels by height so it can be perceived as more spacious than a flat area.

You can compose a garden with flower beds and a lawn, a recreation area, and a barbecue area with a hearth or a stove almost one above the other.

There will even be room for a small pool or playground.

You can also make a roof or a small canopy that completely protects you from the scorching sun.

Choose the most practical furniture. Hardwood, ideally waterproof, is the preferred material for the hot climate of Dubai. 

In a hot climate and the absence of shade on the site, it is better to refrain from a large number of the metal element.

This will become very hot from the sun’s rays, and touching it can lead to injury.

Incorporate modern designs

Modern backyard designs have many recognizable differences that will help you with simple forces, even on your own, to do something similar on your site.

Firstly, often the lawn is replaced by wooden flooring; this is very practical since it can be used in any weather, it is easier to clean, and the environmental friendliness and tactile sensations from the tree will be no worse.

Secondly, pay attention to the laconic garden furniture in a modern style.

It is quite simple; there are no unnecessary decorations and no references to natural Eco-style.

You can also include not-too-familiar things such as concrete blocks, gab ions (metal meshes filled with stone), wooden pallets, and so on as part of modern country furniture. 

As for the green zone, small elements are necessarily installed that carry a stylistic load. Unlike the usual simple landscape design, for a fashionable look, you will need interesting architectural forms: arches, gates, cascading ponds built into terraces or gazebos, and so on.

Ornamental grasses for ground cover

The key here is to avoid the temptation to mix too many species together, making the small backyard look busy and unkempt. Focus on one ground cover if you want to cover a large area with something other than grass. Small ornamental grasses are a great choice for use as a ground cover in small yards because they look elegant and tidy any time of the year.

  1. Liquorice – Forms a wavy ground cover from fuzzy grey-green foliage about 12 inches tall.
  2. Blue fescue – Ornamental grass is short cloddy with grey-blue foliage that loves full sunlight, which is abundant in Dubai.
  3. Creeping Jenny – Tiny matte ground cover with attractive greenish-yellow foliage that loves full day sunlight and doesn’t mind little shade perfect for the Dubai climate.

Create vertical structures and add suspended elements

If you want to create highlights or optimize the space of a small backyard, use vertical structures, such as wall vases or floor supports for vases.

The vases can be supported directly on the wall or on trusses – made of wood or steel – employing rings or niches adapted to accommodate them.

Use creativity to think about colours and compositions and create the mood you want in your garden: fun, contemporary, rustic, among others. Cultivations can vary, from small flowers to spices and vegetables with short roots. 

Another idea to optimize space and bring more green to the environment is to use suspended structures to place vases. On wooden or steel pergolas, you can place orchid pots or hanging plants, which create a beautiful visual effect in the space! Another tip is to use clotheslines with lights, so the place is more intimate and cosy. 

Spring Bougainvillea is easy to grow, and through conduction pruning, it covers pergolas and trellises, providing beauty and shade.


We hope that our small backyard ideas will help you.

This can be done by any means. The major thing is to have a desire and a little imagination.

Even just using bright colours to update the fence, house, and buildings, you can already give the site a well-groomed look.

Unusual flower beds, lawns, and beautiful paths will make the yard original and unique.

Flower arrangements of climbing plants can also be used to frame walls, arbours, and arches. Limitation is not bound!

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