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5 Landscaping Ideas For Your Dubai Garden

In the turmoil of your dynamic life, a small oasis of your own Dubai house is a true luxury.

Here you can hide from the hustle and bustle of a noisy city and relax in peace and quiet; here, hard physical labour does not bring fatigue, but only joy, especially when you see its fruits. 

Many Dubai residents are now turning their garden into a little Eden, creating an unusually beautiful original landscape design with their own hands.

After all, even a modest and very neglected site can be arranged in such a way that it will turn into a fairy tale.

With the aid of the internet or your own vivid imagination and creativity, you can create a really cosy and beautiful place in which you can feel a living soul following your own rules and imagination. 

Here are some landscaping ideas you can implement in your Dubai garden to form your own little oasis of peace and tranquillity.

Classic style is all time favourite

A classic or traditional-style garden is also referred as a regular garden.

It is characterized by consistent order and symmetry.

Ideally, you need a large garden space for this style, but it is possible to implement such projects in small areas of the garden.

Plant shrubs and trees with a dense crown so you can give them the correct shape after their growth.

Lay paths straight, uniform and arrange flowerbeds, alleys, lawns, ponds and parterres in geometric shapes such as polygons, ovals, and circles.

The classics require the selection of natural or Eco-friendly materials and the implementation of other buildings in a similar direction.

The color palette is restrained; basic shades are suitable.

You can complement the design with a fountain in the center of the composition, topiary plants, and beautiful antique-style sculptures.

Garden collection is trending

Enthusiastic flower growers who do not recognize either sculptures or figurines on the site should create a “garden collection”.

Choose what you like, alpine plants, miniature conifers, or giant dahlias and form spectacular flower beds from them.

This will be your main theme in the garden.

There is another option to dedicate your garden to a particular plant.

For example, roses: cover the gazebo and garden mesh screen with climbing roses, plant miniature and ground cover varieties on the alpine hill, and decorate the front part of the plot with bush ones.

An appropriate accent for the rock garden will be a magnificent standard rose, the tenderness of which will be shaded by a clearing of white gravel.

Individual trees and shrubs can play the role of sculptures. 

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Country style garden for a rustic look

The simplicity and comfort of rustic front gardens look cute and at ease.

This direction has been familiar to humanity since time immemorial when all representatives of society lived in simple houses with modest but neat lawns.

These elements characterize a country garden:

  1. Fruit trees, vegetable beds
  2. Lush flower beds of free design
  3. Trails made of wood saw cuts, stone, gravel, and ordinary earthen options
  4. Decorative details made by hand
  5. Wooden gazebos and benches surrounded by vegetation
  6. A small reservoir of the natural shape
  7. A combination of natural colours with colourful and cheerful shades

Create a winter garden

Another good idea is to set up a winter garden suitable for the warm temperatures of Dubai winters.

This space is similar to a greenhouse indoors and makes the environment cosier.

To create a more welcoming space, you should start by investing in good lighting, especially natural.

It can come from a window or a skylight.

You just need to be careful not to mix up the different lamp colour temperatures. Ideally, use skewers or LED inlays in warm white light. As for the rest of the winter garden landscaping, follow the tips below:

Choose the right species: The best for this environment are low plants. For example, include maranta, ivy, aglaonema, lily of peace, peperomia etc.

Pay attention to drainage: The pots need it; mix fine sand in the soil to prevent the plants from drowning.

Make good fertilization and application of nutrients: This helps to maintain the health of the plants and their good appearance. The ideal is to choose the correct products for the species.

Vertical garden for unique perspective

Today, vertical gardens are becoming an increasingly popular part of landscape design.

The name speaks for itself; the plants are not planted horizontally as is customary, but vertically, which creates an unusual look.

A vertical garden can be quite an option for apartments, small yards, or spaces.

Vertical gardens go by many names: living green walls, living walls, and moss walls, just to name a few.

These vertical structures of plant life can be as small as a picture frame, fill any empty space on a wall, or be as massive as an entire wall. 

Regardless of where to place a vertical garden, it is first and foremost a garden; it will add cosiness and comfort to the environment, whether it is the backyard of an apartment building or the indoors of your home or apartment.

These gardens can consist of various plants: ferns, creeping ficus, pilea and calathea, and others.

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Today, Dubai residents are directed towards creating a homely garden on their balcony or backyard or even terraces.

After all, the result is beautiful! Residential garden landscaping organizes the environment and ensures that all elements are aesthetic and functional.

Therefore, it is an art that combines open space with different vegetation types and other elements, for example, stones, fountains, swimming pools, pergolas and fences.

For all these reasons, the most common thing is to hire a professional to perform this practice – after all, there are experts on the subject.

However, you can also have ideas to pass on to the specialist or put some of them into practice and improve the result of your free area.

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